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Create an Effective TV Advertisement

What you put in your business's TV advertisement depends on your resources, your target audience, how you want to present your business or product, and your own comfort level. Consider these advertising possibilities:

Appear in your own commercial

probably seen a store owner step in front of the camera and do his or her own commercial. If you're a natural, then by all means, go for it. No one else could possibly bring the enthusiasm and expertise that you can to this endeavor

Promote with a professional

Promote with a professional. Although you do have to fork out some extra cash, a professional actor may be just what your business needs. Before you decide on an actor, be sure to ask yourself what type of person will advertise your business in a way that attracts your target audience

Highlight your place of business

Hiring a remote crew to come to your place of business and shoot the spot puts your business front-and-center. Plus, shooting footage inside your store, showroom, studio, or office may be a lot easier than hauling a bunch of your products somewhere else

Add computer graphics, if they fit your advertisement

Use computer graphics (CG for short) to flash words and prices on the screen. You can also use computer-generated effects, like making entire scenes fly into the frame, spin, explode, appear out nowhere, or perform other interesting tricks.:

Decide on a big idea or campaign theme to use in your advertisement

If you don’t have a theme, you’ll just develop a series of unrelated ads — which won’t help build name recognition for your company or attract customers to your business.

Choose the audio that you want to use in the commercial

The audio can be a voiceover or an on-camera actor. The audio track may also include any music or sound effects that you select

Come up with video that complements the audio you plan to use

The video can be anything from you doing an on-camera sales pitch, to product footage, to video you shoot in your store, to anything else you can think of

Focus the camera on your product

Go ahead and cut to the chase — immediately show the products you want to sell. You may be best served by getting right down to business and featuring the items that are going to make you some money. After you decide what type of commercial you want to make, it's time to start putting it together. An effective TV commercial uses the three basic structural elements: audio, video, and computer graphics. Divide your TV ad's structure into these three elements to make your job much easier.

Advantages & Limitations of Television as an Advertising Medium

Advantage: Convenient and Flexible!

The television is a convenient and flexible advertising medium, owing to its widespread popularity and the ease with which a message can reach millions of viewers internationally and nationally. Television advertising allows advertisers the flexibility to use various approaches and different combinations of audio, video and text to make ads memorable and emotional, depending on the product or service or the target audience..

Strong Impact!

Television advertising uses audio and visual effects to create a lasting impact. Marketers interact color, sound, sight, drama and motion to ensure that their message is strong and persuasive. Additional tactics and props, such as attractive models, elaborative sets, enchanting graphics and audio-visual effects further enhance impact.

Mass Coverage!

According to an article published in the New York Times, 96.7 percent of American households own television sets. This amounts to more than 300 million people who have access to television. Cable networks, 24-hour programs and satellite channels have further hiked television viewership in the country, making the television a substantially lucrative mode of conveying an advertisement.

Limitation: Intrusive and High Costs

Consumers often bemoan the intrusive nature of television advertisements and find ways to avoid commercials. This limits the effectiveness of television advertising. Consumers either take time out during a commercial to make a trip to the refrigerator or surf programs on other channels. Furthermore, different technological innovations enable consumers to block advertisements altogether. The V-chip is a device that consumers can program to block unwanted content on television, including advertisements. TiVo is another similar device that allows users to store television programs without commercials.

Television advertising costs more than other forms of media, such as radio, magazine, newspaper and Internet advertising. Quality commercials are expensive to produce

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