Short detail about Myadword defence

You will find 100% safe with complete privacy

This company is being operated by Myadword, whose work area is still in India. We work in the defense area, but we just work to save humanity We are not involved in the development of any device that is used in the war. Nor do we buy and sell any equipment that can be used incorrectly, we just buy what we need for our use.. We do not have any plan at the moment to fully expand into the Defense Sector

We do not try to impose any type of session related to the defense logo, we just provide the security device to the public We also claim to provide the latest and fastest protection service in the world, We simply make public's secure rooms, to avoid natural disasters and theft The nuclear shelter is also made of public And provide all types of security devices for the public to protect themselves or the home.


Secure room

Get in secure room in your home with the best design

We develop all types of secure rooms for you.Who keeps you completely from physical disasters, We guarantee you in writing in your agreement paper, Even with natural disasters, you are very successful in keeping yourself safe, But we do not guarantee 100% protection against natural disasters. And this is not possible either,99% can be protected from natural disasters


Nuclear shelter

It has become very important because this world is growing rapidly towards the insecurity.

All the countries engaged in competing with the nuclear Arms. And the global political regime is becoming weak on them, In this situation, there is a strange atmosphere in the entire world.And in this position we are completely standing with humanity, Everyone has the right to safeguard, You can make your armor by us


Protection services

Every person in the world has the right to get his protection, And we do this work but right now our services for only India.We are also trying to provide in other countries too soon, we will get positive results soon.

Team and uniform

We have the best team available for this work, with a special type of uniform.

Commenting system

The comments we make once, make them live in the same way.

The Best laboratory program

We use our new laboratory to make our services even better..

paper plan program

We use paper plans to operate our services, because of which we have never missed.

Technology and documents

We work with latest and best technology of the world. And keeps document ready.

Secure lock and privacy

Our provided security cover is completely locked. With full privacy

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