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Price of this service for 2000 lifetime Well, this service has been charged just because. So that children and non-social elements can be kept away from this, As of now every site is being threatened with public, After that it will be very difficult to convince the public, and we have to become a clean service provider

If you are a member of this service then this service is free and more secure for you, because after all we have arranged for you. You have to tell us that you want a date with them. We arrange all the arrangements for the arrangements, booking your tables, walking etc. And take full responsibility of your safety and privacy,

How does this work

You buy a license from the store, or the membership. After payment, a code will be sent to your email and mobile, After logging in, access to this page by clicking connect and inserting that code.

After that see all profiles and choose 30 profiles from it, All profiles will be found true, and every person will be eager to befriend you.There is a guarantee that no one will misbehave with you, but you also will not have any freedom of misbehavior, if someone does not like you, then do not disturb him with humanity. After the code is given, we do not track you, which profile you are talking to, the person you are talking to, the responsibility of the people, our job is just that you choose 30 profiles from your mind.

After joining, those profiles you choose will not misbehave with you, It is guaranteed, but you have to be treated humane . This amount will be taken only once, this amount is taken only because we can keep good people, and we give you a profile on which all will be contracted.

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