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All our services are great,We believe that after using these services you will be satisfied,Still, if you miss anything, tell us immediately, We will add your advice to myself and Will make better

Special Care

Our doctors are available online for you. You can diagnose your problem online by taking an appointment with them. This process promotes 100% safe treatment, It's completely live, All the words, medicine, advice, everything is recorded, Which is associated with the patient number in the doctor's profile, Therefore, there is no chance of cheat being threatened with you

On-line Support

We Provide 24 Hours Support, If there is a problem, you can contact us anytime.We will diagnose your problem immediately, Technical support of the hospital's product is also available.This support is free and is for everyone If a hospital, the doctor is abused with you, then you can complain to us. We will reach your point forward, and will give you the place in your stories.

Medical Consultation

a procedure whereby, on request by one physician, another physician reviews a patient's medical history, examines the patient, and makes recommendations as to care and treatment. The medical consultant often is a specialist with expertise in a particular field of medicine..it is good for you

Emergency Services

We provide Emergency Services directly and in simple way, You can call us directly, send the text, We will be book a hospital in your city or place, And it is our responsibility to arrange the treatment immediately. We take 30 minutes to manage all the settings,We need 30 minutes after phone

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Receive all products related to hospital mangement from one place. We provide all types of products, except drug

We are working on the drug delivery system it will be connected to our e-hospital soon after, You can order us now

  • For Dental hospital product.
  • for X-Ray and Laboratory Equipment / Laboratory Products.
  • Traumatology emergency product.
  • Gastroenterology product.
  • Cancer and AIDS related product.
  • Furniture for hospital
  • Other material for hospital

We have all kinds of products available to manage the entire hospital. All products are available with all brands, We also have all types of software available to manage the hospital online.You can order us for your favorite product or for a demo. We provide both. Our online store has just been dropped from the server due to the update. Will be available in a few days


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The Maadword Project started on mind 23/03/2013 but first online published 06/06/2015 , but from full to April 1, 2017 for all, in the Trade Room. It's a live development project that can never be completed, will continue to provide services on one side and continue to add services on the other side.Read more