Business Account Manager

You have no knowledge of online. Or you are not getting success in business due to lack of full information. Now you do not care. Here you will get success, as we do in real results.

Myadword accounts

All accounts of Myadword are managed for free by the Account Manager. Business Accents, Marketing, Advertising etc..

Microsoft accounts

All accounts of Microsoft are managed by the Account Manager. Bings, outlook, Bings business skype etc.

Google accounts

All accounts of google are managed by the Account Manager. Adwords, AdSense, business, etc.

You tube

Manage your business, on youtube by our account manager.


Manage your business, on Facebook by our account manager..


Manage your business, on Twitter by our account manager..


Manage your business, on instagram by our account manager..


Manage your business, on pinterest by our account manager..


Manage your business, on Google plus by our account manager..


Manage your business, on vimeo by our account manager..


Manage your business, on yahoo by our account manager..


Manage your business, on linkedin by our account manager..


Manage your business, on amazon by our account manager..


Manage your business, on buysellads by our account manager..


Manage your dropbox, by our account manager..


Manage your Paypal account, by our account manager..


Manage your business, on angellist by our account manager..


Manage your business, on yelp by our account manager..


Manage your business, on flickr by our account manager..


Manage your business, on Facebook by our account manager..


Manage your business, on vine by our account manager..


Manage your business, on tumblr by our account manager..

500 PX

Manage your business, on 500PX by our account manager..


Manage your business, on digg by our account manager..

Why account manager

Here all the internet accounts of you are managed at cheap prices.,We give you both results and feedback

Stress free

No tension, everything will be automatically systematically managed.24 hour support, direct connection with your account manager

up to date

Your account will be up-to-date every day.Management of all your internet accounts from one place.All materials will also be prepared by us

The best results

We believe in results, 70% more impact management than your management, You can also see the details of work done by us in the dashboard .

Free plan


material and update, per day

  • Myadword accounts
  • 24 hours support
  • per day up to date
  • 100% feedback
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$700 rs/mo

material and update, per day

  • Microsoft accounts
  • Google accounts
  • Facebook, twitter,Youtube
  • 24 hours support and feedback
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material and update, per day -3 time

  • Unlimitted sites
  • support
  • feedback
  • 100% results
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Online business

Move your business online platform , get more benefits. There is no need of knowledge,here your business will be managed by our experts. we are always available to support you.

100% free

It is completely free service and will always be free. Keep unlimited data on the page.It is available in your language.

100% Secure

It is completely safe and will always be safe. We take this guarantee based on our technology and policies..

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100% Responsive

Fully responsive design, will work on all device , Freedom of choice of design, Direct connection between you and your customer , .

Happy Clients Says...

The solution to all problems at one place, is a very good experience. I am very satisfied with all the services;

Asra khan Employee of india gov

Business Online and Re-Open Business is very helpful services, we have been very helpful;

Rajat apna Creative Director

The account manager is your very beautiful campaign, which is very helpful for those who are worried about new technology.;

San jax business person

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The Maadword Project started on mind 23/03/2013 but first online published 06/06/2015 , but from full to April 1, 2017 for all, in the Trade Room. It's a live development project that can never be completed, will continue to provide services on one side and continue to add services on the other side. Read more