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Type of online marketing

Content Marketing

1 Be Shared

The primary purpose of this kind of content is to spread throughout a community and get maximum exposure. Generally, this kind of content will appeal to the different extremes of your market’s personality.This can be done through humor, shock, motivation, sadness, anger, being remarkably cool, making people smile, cute, or incredibly honest.The trick for something to “go viral” is that it has to appeal to a humanity that is shared with a large group of people. (This is why more viral videos feature cute babies or animals more than anything else

2 Be Discussed

The goal of this kind of content is to start a conversation within a community.This can be done by leveraging big news items (newsjacking), addressing a common problem, exposing a dirty secret (or really any controversy) or creating a valuable, game-changing resource.When looking to create discussion content, there is one singular purpose, get people talking. Yes, this can lead to “viral” sharing, but the intent of the two types of content is very very different.

3 Generate Leads

While the first two types of content marketing are essentially about raising awareness, getting the lead conversion process to work properly is about creating content that gets your viewer to first identify their problem, then say, “I need help” After that, it’s about offering a solution to help fix that problem. (in fact, if this is a problem for you, request a strategy session with me, and we can find ways to fix this).

4 Make Sales

Structure-wise, this is very similar to “lead content” but the lead nurturing cycle is a lot shorter if not virtually non-existent.Generally speaking, the reasons this kind of “selling” content takes place is because A.) the cost of the product is low, and therefore is a lower risk or B.) the key phrase people are using to discover the content indicates they’re further along in the decision-making process (they’re searching for product reviews, comparisons, etc)

blogging, Social Media, Network, Contextual marketing

blogging marketing

It may seem strange to see blogging on this list, because many of the things we’ve talked about may seem encapsulated in blogging. But really, a blog is just a channel. It can host videos, podcasts, text articles, news topics, sell affiliate advertising, provide instruction or insight – however at the end of the day, what you’re talking about isn’t “blogging”, you’re talking about content that fills the channel. Blogging makes this list because managing that channel is really a skill on it’s own. Scheduling content, tagging and categorizing content appropriately, managing internal link architecture, optimizing navigation items – these are just a handful of items that a real “blogger” manages. Blog management is critical to the success of the blog as it’s fundamental structure is what helps search engines index your blog for the content you want to be known for, and visitors to go to appropriate pages within your site.

Social Media marketing

While one true unified definition of Social Media marketing exists, many have embraced the use of social platforms to promote their brand. If I were to define the starting process of social media marketing: I would look at various social media channels in a very similar way as a traditional media buyer. This would mean looking at the usual suspects – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest, Linkedin(maybe) – but then also niche networks, forums, active blog communities, and any place where there’s active two-way conversation happening. In these networks, I would be seeking a core customer type and pay close attention to the language they’re using, the questions they’re asking, and the content they’re sharing. During this process, I would seek to identify the tastemakers within the community and determine the best ways to appeal to them. Using this approach, I would then create content or report to a content developer, the types of content that would stand out to each smaller network, then distribute to only the communities that will find it the most relevant. This is the exact inverse of what many “social media marketers” do. The more commonly practiced technique is “create THEN distribute” where this approach is more “intense listening, create, distribute selectively” Perhaps the most misused approach for social media marketers is the share everything with everyone approach. By using a more strategic and calculated plan, you can develop marketing communications that show many layers and build a much wider audience over time..

Network Marketing

While Network Marketing and Social Media share similar roots, the network marketer takes the work the social media marketer does and takes it a step further. If the Social Media marketer’s job is to identify the smaller networks and appeal to the collective mindset of the group while identifying the influencers, the network marketer’s job is to build relationships with those influential people. Taking those relationship skills a step further, the most notable trait of these professional networking masters is their ability to connect people to their own network with each other. At a moment’s notice, the network marketer can recommend a handful of service providers of different skill levels and price ranges. Network marketer’s commonly spend a lot of time emailing, commenting on blogs, interacting in forums. The network marketer also realizes that for any piece of content to “Go Viral”, the content must not only be good, but they must also “plant seeds” with the bigger content distributors. Because of their vast network, the network marketer has a pretty solid understanding of what content will gain the attention of a particular network, and if they don’t create the content itself, you can bet they know the best person for the job.

Contextual marketing

In it’s rawest form, contextual marketing is about finding opportunities throughout the web and creating funnels that lead back to their site.Unlike social media, however, this type of online marketing takes place outside of social networks: Think Guest Blogging, buying reviews from bloggers, finding guest spots on youtube videos, and virtually any other form of “brand alignment” tactics that might be used to get another brand more visibility.Contextual marketers will look for different opportunities to promote their business, regardless of the medium being used to do it.A contextual marketer is the closest thing the internet has to traditional media firms because the contextual advertiser looks for every opportunity to promote their brand.A contextual marketer has a lot in common with the network marketer in the sense that they are constantly seeking to expand the network.The primary difference between the two is that while the network marketer is in charge of managing long-term relationships, contextual marketers are focused on finding relevant platforms and building sheer numbers.The key to success, in this case, is always to find platforms with overlapping audiences, that way the contextual marketer can have the appearance of “being everywhere” to a target market.Similarly, a contextual advertiser performs a similar function, except their job, is more related to paid media buying. Finding websites to run banner ads, youtube channels to do interruption videos, in video sponsorships, things like that.

User Experience Branding (UxB), Location Based Marketing

Location Based Marketing

At the time of this writing, one of the fastest emerging trends in online marketing. The popular philosophy held by location-based marketers is to reward users for “checking-in” to a company’s physical location. Rewards can include discounts for the person who “check-in” the most and promotional merchandise for those who “check-in”. Popular “check-in” style platforms include Foursquare, Gowalla, Google Places and Facebook Places. For local businesses, the importance of claiming all of your places cannot be stressed enough. Many of these “place” platforms allow your customers to leave reviews, and if unmanaged can leave a ton of missed opportunities for good customer experiences.

User Experience Branding (UxB)

If you think about the “blogger” as the person who maintains the internal scheduling, structure, and categorization of content, and the content marketer that develops that content, then think of the UxB as the person who develops the “look and feel” that packages the content.The goal of the UxB is to develop experiences that are intuitive and “sticky”, keeping the user on the site for as long as possible.Questions like how will photo galleries respond, what will menu animations look like, and generally how the site and user will interact with each other.The thought is that by making websites easy to navigate, fun to use, and interesting to look at will encourage the users of the site to share with others.The UxB disciple is constantly pushing the boundaries of web development and seeking not to create websites, but a truly immersive web experience.Graphic Design, User interface design, Information Architecture and web development all play critical roles in this discipline.But perhaps the most important aspect of User Experience Branding is that every aspect of the design accurately reflects the company’s brand character and experiences across all customer touch points (including brick and mortar locations)

(SEM) and (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving rankings of a website or web page in the unpaid “organic” search results. The path of the SEO is to make web pages rank higher in the search engine results pages (aka serp) to increase visibility. The higher a page ranks, the more visible it is, and therefore will receive more traffic. At one point, Search Engine Optimization played by a fairly well-defined set of rules: Optimize a page for a specific keyword, get links from other websites that use that keyword. While there is still some level of this, with the introduction of Google’s Penguin update, many SEO’s who thrived by manipulating the system have found the ground shrinking beneath their feet..

Search Engine Marketing

A type of web marketing which promotes websites by increasing visibility in search engine results from pages through search engine optimization as well as through paid advertising, strategic content marketing and social media networks..

Pay per click! , Community , Video, Affiliate Marketing

Pay per click!,

If done well, Pay per click is one of, if not the fastest type of online marketing to drive targeted traffic to your web properties. But when done haphazardly, can cost a company thousands of dollars with little to no return. It’s one of my favorite lead generation techniques because once your campaign is optimized, you’re able to calculate a fairly accurate and predictable ROI...

Video Marketing

Did you know Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world, and the third most visited site, period? While it may seem that a standard commercial might be the easiest way for a business to engage in video marketing, this is simply not the case. Video can be incredibly social, and smart video marketers are blurring the lines of what’s acceptable for branded content..

Community Building!

Where the last two disciplines focus more on outreach, community building is what happens after you’ve brought people in.Community building is a field of practices directed toward the creation or enhancement of community among individuals around a common interest.The primary belief of community managers is to use brand properties as an “hub” to facilitate the conversation between users.Doing this increases brand loyalty, and builds a core group of enthusiasts that will be the first to interact with and share brand’s content.If network marketers build relationships on the individual level, and Social media marketers focus more on mass communication, Community managers are those who set the stage for interacting with the brand and with each other.Much of community building is reliant on trust. Chris Brogan and Julian Smith’s Trust Agents will help you learn how to build that trust..

Affiliate Marketing

Marketing by a third party which refers customers to a specific website or vendor. “Affiliates” market their own products, such as through a website, but have links to other websites unrelated to their site but have some interest in common for consumers. Affiliates are rewarded for the number of times someone links from their site to the targeted site..

Referral, Inbound, Viral, Website Marketing

Referral Marketing!,

One of the most subtle forms of web marketing, referral marketing is based on one individual pleased enough with a website or social media site to refer it to another person, who hopefully creates a chain reaction of referrals from one group of individuals to another. Referral marketing also can be a major component of SEO programs.v.

Inbound Marketing

A method to draw attention and visits to a website by placing information on a website others are seeking. This includes the use of providing valuable information via blogs or articles on a website or general information provided as website content beyond the main purpose of the website. When a search engine user searches for specific content, the web site containing the content is displayed, even though the content is not the main purpose of the website. By drawing search engine users to the website through secondary information, consumers are exposed to the website and its main offerings without having specifically searched for the website.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is amazing – if you can get some content of yours to go viral, it could turn your business into an overnight success. To make your next marketing campaign can take a combination of a number of the other types of digital marketing – such as content marketing, PR and social media marketing – but it can also lead to some amazing results for your business..

Digital/Online/Website Marketing

It’s an umbrella term for all of the above; it doesn’t usually include PR but often includes a mishmash of any of the above..

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