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World Press Photo Awards have been announced for 2017.

Selected from over 80,000 photos

There are some pictures in the winners' pictures that can distract you but tell the truth. For example, the first picture that appears to be killing a Russian ambassador in Turkey, in which the body of the ambassador is also seen. This picture won the first prize. This photo is of December 19, 2016, which was pressed by the news agency AP's press photographer Burhan Ozbalisi on camera.

Juror Board Chairman Stuart Franklin says, "I think this is a picture of a telling story that requires courage to capture the camera." World Press Photo Awards are being provided from the year 1955. In this year, 45 photographers from 25 countries have been honored in eight categories. Let's now see some other photos that have won the World Press Photo Awards..

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Giving information about this campaign, ISRO chairman AS Kiran Kumar told the media, "One of these satellites weighs 730 kgs, while the remaining two have a weight of 19-19 kg. Apart from them we have 600 kg and We had the ability to send the weight, so we decided to launch 101 other satellites too. "The countries of which the satellites launched by ISRO have included US and Israeli satellites, which are telling that the satellite launch market India is making its place in a fast pace. In fact, in the last few years, India has emerged as a reliable player in the market of space launch. In the last few years, India has launched 79 satellites in 21 countries of the world in space, which includes satellites of large companies like Google and .

After sending 104 satellites simultaneously, India will be stronger in this market. The biggest reason for this is that compared to USA, the cost of sending a satellite to the space of less than 60-65% is reduced, in roughly one-third of the expenditure, India can send someone to a satellite space. Apart from the cheap labor available in India, it is also due to the low cost of ISRO's government machinery. Although India has to compete with China in this cheap market, because China is also a big market for sending satellites in space at cheap rates. According to Pallav Bagla, India will be able to challenge China in this market only if it launches large satellites. Bagla says, "The market of space personnel launchers in the market is very small, the small satellite comes in excess of the money."

Apart from this, China is spending two and a half times more money than India on its space mission and it has four times more capacity to launch satellites. In present condition, India can launch five satellite campaigns every year, while China's ability to launch 20 campaigns. In spite of knowing the competition between India and China in the space market of this difference, looking at the way in which the competition was once in America and Soviet Russia. However, the manner in which India is trying to send 104 satellites together has created hope in private players. Bangalore-based team Indus is confident that the current environment will benefit him. Team Inds is making efforts to become the first private company to send satellite to the moon

Two journalists were shot dead during a live radio broadcast in the Caribbean country Dominican Republic. One journalist was recording this program for Facebook Live. The footage shows that during the live broadcast, gunfire suddenly starts and a frightened woman "shot down! Shot dead! Shot!" Saying screams. According to the police, this incident took place on Tuesday in the eastern part of the capital Santo Domingo. Three people have been arrested in connection with the murder. Both the journalists died on the spot in the shootout. One of these was the presenter Luis Manuel Medina and the other radio producer Leo Martinez. Live broadcasts put people in danger.

In the case of tax evasion, IBM Computer Company has come to the notice of the commerce department. On Sunday, a special research arm (SIB) raided three offices of the company from Noida to Lucknow. Initial investigation, the officials are estimating tax evasion of Rs 200 crore. On a large scale, the tax evasion from the same company is stirred from Noida to Lucknow. According to departmental officials, the Sib team of Gautam Buddha Nagar organized a 24-hour special campaign against tax evaders The team has taken great success in this. On Monday, three offices in Lucknow, including Noida, were raided in direct action on IBM Computer Company. In the year 2015-16, the company has purchased a computer of Rs. 125 crores in the e-transmission form, but the company could sell only 42 crores of computers. Where did the rest of the computers go, there is no account of it. In such a situation, authorities have taken possession of the documents of the company in 2014-15 on the possibility of a heavy disturbance. Gautam Buddha Nagar Additional Commissioner (Sib) Pradeep Yadav said that the documents of the IBM Computer Company are being taken in possession. So far the tax evasion of 200 crore has been revealed in the initial investigation. The company officials have called on 18th February. By then the assessment will be completed and complete tax evasion will be clear.

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