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This is a deal of a project. You will get work from us and get money from us. we provide special data management dashboard for you with 24 hours support. Here you will find a project, complete that. and return us

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After reading your application, we will send full detail about work partnership by e-mail. Our online meeting time will be available in that email. Read our email carefully and reply to it, After getting your reply, we will be meeting online, after meeting we send you security money link and we send your payment detail for work, click on link and pay security money and get partner id and log in your dashboard, where is a project waiting for you

What is security money

This money is not a charge, the day you break the partnership, we will send this money back to you in the bank account within 7 days. When we send a link to you, also send work rules, When you click on the link, then accept the rules, This email is an agreement between us, We do not have any damage, so it is necessary for example, we give a project, you said it will happen in 5 days, we told the customer 5 days, now you are asleep, you have to work on another place, or if you leave it, then it is necessary to handle this position.,,,This money depends on the strength of the project you take. if you take 2, 3, 6 months of a project then more money. if you take project for some days we demand lesser money

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How can start .

First sign up myadword Then click partner and choose your partner page. Click became partner and fill up form Then send form now again fill up one more form detail about you or business and click final partner. After this, our team will verify your information and provide you with our partner level. You should read carefully our partner policy or you can sign up