Myadword project place

We have 20000 procts worldwide and 160 , projector who are making project from our place.

Here you can create all kinds of projects Here you can buy all kinds of projects and Here you can sell all type of project Which will be needed.Our license code,We will immediately Dasboard which they will be incomplete. We'll make it worth making the project fully in just 3 days.Immediately after getting the license, Projects can buy , Projects can sell, Can not make it , we will delever a complite dasabord in 24 hours to 72 hours after that you can creat every type project from our place and sell your project immediately and getting your price immediately

  • IEEE & Electronics Project
  • Mechanical & Electrical Project
  • EEE & Robotics Project
  • ECE & Civil Engineering Project
  • Technology,& defence project
  • Computer Science & it Project
  • Embedded Systems Project
  • Biotech,Medical,Physics,Chemistry
  • MBA Project,Startup
  • Real estate, media, marketing,govt & others projects
buy and sell only project on this place, you should care we do not sell and buy a products if , you did convert a project in a products and you wants sell your product with us then visit us on myadword manufacturing place

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How does work it

This vary simple and fast work only 3 step login your dasabord

Creat project

It is available easy to Customize,Responsive Layout,support it all platform work it 10 project maker platform Examples, google docs, windows docs, linx , zira ext

Perview and sell

After creating your project you can see perview of your project , if you can see there any mistake then can it edit and resolve error in project , now you should a perview again after then you san sell it just now or it will be save in your project box automatically

Ready to Use

Now this project publish on our platform for buy with our brand name if you want your name then you can sell it other place or share it all place social media, email , no ban here you have full freadom

If you want only sell or buy with us then you can it no problem , you can creat your project on anywhere, after creating you can sell your project on our place or you can creat your project on our place and sell ,share and send anywhere , full freadom

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Carefull point

we can provide you best services and products of world we are our best try for it and we are success in this.


join us this is best value lets go make a project nearset of you and sell us

Simplest,Fastest and Cheapest is our introdection Get in a code and start a project with us and earn more money direct deal with us

Payment and money back

we sel our services myadword store with paypal for worldwide

provide a payment link email or mobile payment link for worldwide, bank deposit option in only india


365 days 24 hours support no any holiday get in account manager in support

Support by email, phone, live video or live chat, fqa, and screen sharing no creat ticket direct support

Detail about buy a plan

Choose a started plan creat a account , send us a order by mail or form we send agreement mail, you should read carefully after reading give us reply acpet this agreement , then we provide a payment link on your mobile or email ,then you go on your email and click on payment link and buy this plan and get in licence or you can choose plan and direct buy it from myadword store with paypal

Starting plan

We are giving here our starting pricing choose your plan and get in code

  • Sell
  • $ 9

    per month convert in annual 90$
  • unlimited
  • 24 hours all type support
  • Social media connection
  • Get Started
  • Complite started plan
  • $ 29

    Per user / month convert in annual 300$
  • 1 user
  • creat, sell, buy
  • 24 hours support
  • Get Started
  • Buy plan
  • $ 6

    Per user/month convert in annual 60%
  • Unlimited
  • 24 hours support
  • social media connection
  • Get Started
We sell a project with two type .first type is sell with all copyrights , after that we can not sell that project again to any persion , seconed we sell a project without copyright and we can sell it again but we buy a project only with copyright after that you can not sell your project anywhere in the world. Before sell and buy we send a agreement mail on your ragistered email if you do reply then it will be acpet agreement after you can buy our plan and after purchase a plan you can enterd your dasabord and can sell or buy a project

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Here is some project photo.

Safe ,secure, simple

30 days money back garantee, if you do not complite your any project on our place.but plan buy and sell no money back, This is 100% secure ,and we take all responsibilty. if you are new then no problem because we are simple , and we are using simple design , simple languse , and simple support

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