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  • Full Name:Anamika rai
  • Phone:+ 1235 2355 98
  • Email:anamika@myadword.com
  • Website:www.anamikarai.net
  • From:Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh Bharat
  • Live in:Gorakhpur, Varanasi, Patna, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore are dependent on project and program

Hello world!

I am Anamika Rai from Gorakhpur India and live in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Varanasi, Patna, Gorakhpur. I am an ordinary woman in the world, I like all language of the world. But I love Hindi language

We take full responsibility for Myadword. If you have any issues related to any product or service, tell us immediately or have any complaints from the behavior of any team member of any part of the Myadword, or any material on myadword has been edited to you. There is a tendency to influence and you want to remove it, or if there is any material that is false and you are able to prove a lie, then complain. And complain about your country, society, religion. Please inform us, write to us or call us, If anything is available on Myadword, then I apologize for that, and immediately remove such material.,

But it also promises my users to deliver their true stories, true knowledge. YouTube, Google, millions of videos and information on the same topic are found in such situations. What is wrong or right is the millions of products that do not have any responsibility. Which talks about the company's responsibility, the product goes out of sale, later bothered for support, services There is such a lot of difficulty for me (I have had to face all of these too many times), with all such lies and dangers, we save you, so we also need freedom, we do not have any degree at this time. And our husband also. has the culprit, the system and the society, I do not know, but know very well that we have a very excellent research team and which is completely independent, any subject of the world, Location, slide And, to research about the organization, institution, company,, and to reach uses the Research

We do not do any research about any person. About his mental, social, and personal subject. Matter which is 100% true, so he can not be removed, then the research can be done on any religion, country, caste The society, the government, the organization, the planning, the company cannot be removed in any case, the way to remove it can be a court where you can prove that the research is false. Or if you prove to be false on the basis of our report, research, proof, and logic, then we will remove the main basis of the research logic, and our logic is considered as proof. Another important thing is that all the process related to research is live and we are an independent researcher, proving our research to be a liar, that same update, does not remove any data, and we are not annoyed and we lose We also honor him. Not that we are the ego of truth, it is because we have the right to the truth, to visit the research part and to be known more.

if there is a language error on Myadword. Please pay attention to it, and to help us by doing well, we are not professional people. We are workers, we work for money, we like freedom, work is fine, the meditation on this It does happen, however, we definitely do the trick but then the technique is sometimes wrong and also the person, please tell this for sure and to make Myadword more impeccable, beautiful, and excellent. Do so

New project

  • Coming soon project

  • Myadword socialism

    launch date - 2018 - 4/1

    Our project has been delayed by almost 1 year, whereas the part connected with this project is doing the things we are doing with Myadword but this is not the same now, it will be live soon, the reason for delay is to make a great service, Wherever you can get a complete society in one place and do not have to face troubles like other social services

  • Myadword e-mail

    launch date - 2018 - 04/1

    This is an email provider service, where you will now receive free email and business email, yet only the business email service was operated.

  • Search engine

    launch date 2018 - 02/01

    We are working on this project since June. This project has now become successful and is going through the trial soon for you. If you are an investor you can become our part or if you are a programmer you can become our part..

  • Software

  • website builder

    launch date- 10 - 06 2017

    Our website builder is working..

  • Web hosting

    launch date- 20 - 04 2017

    Previously we used to provide web hosting, but only for our web services customer but after 20/04/2017 all types of servers are available

  • domain name

    launch date- 10- 02 2018

    Domain search, booking, will be available

  • E-learning

    Now started

    We used to provide e-learning for some of our projects, but the e-learning service expanded after 29/09/2017, my project and course could also be read out of Myadword .

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