About Me

  • Full Name:Anamika rai
  • Phone:+ 1235 2355 98
  • Email:anamika@myadword.com
  • Website:www.anamikarai.net
  • From:Village +post dauboli bashgav gorakhpur, uttar pradesh bharat
  • Live in:Gorakhpur,varansi,patna, delhi, mumbai banglore depend on project and program

Hello world!

I am anamika rai from gorakhpur india and live in Banglore, mumbai,delhi,varansi, patna gorakhpur. i am a normal women of world , i like all languse but i love only hindi languse ,

We take full responsibility on Myadward. If you have any problem of any product or service from Myadward, then tell us immediately if we have any complaint in the advertisement of any team member of any part of Myadward or any material on Myadward is edited as such If you have a tendency to influence your naturalness, and you want to remove it, or if there is a material that is false and it is a prank to be able to prove you a lie, or if there is any content that can be found in your country, society, religion, Or any class, please write to us or call us, if there is anything available on Myadward, then I ask for forgiveness without any obligation, and immediately remove it and pay your complaint. I promise,

If there is a language error on any of these, please do not pay any attention to that because the translation is electronic and 100% correct translation from the machine is not possible, we have started human translation and legal document pay work this year, Mydevard this year due to Diwali this year Available in 16 languages without any language error

New project

  • Coming soon project

  • Myadword socilism

    lunch date - 2017 - 8/15

    Connect with your friend and pepole + donation place (work to girls education and self defence) there you can donet and get in donet ,+ myadword will be 15% donet of total profit of every month + myadword will be open our total sell per day live + much more option there for job, for defence , for education

  • myadword email

    lunch date - 2017 - 06/20

    This is a email providers services there you will get free email + business email

  • search engine

    after 11 month

    Because We are going to work on this project from June.If you are an investor you can become our part or If you are a programmer then you can become our part.

  • Softewere

  • website builder

    lunch date- 10 - 06 2017

    our website builder is reddy for work right now we are checking .

  • Web hosting

    lunch date- 10 - 06 2017

    Right now we provide webhosting but only our webservices costomers but after 20/04/2017 webhosting will be public

  • domain name

    lunch date- 10- 06 2017

    domain search , booking , will be available

  • E-learnig

    Now started

    we provides e-learnig for some project but after 29/04/2017 e-leaning will be all project of myadword also out side of myadword .

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