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  • Name:Satendra rai
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Welcome !

I am Santendra Rai. part of the Myadword Management team. and partner, if you have a business proposal for myadword, contact us, Myadword is an open space for the business of everywhere in the world, on the basis of human policy,,

New project

  • Coming soon project

  • Myadword socialism

    launch date - 2018 - 4/1

    Our project has been delayed by almost 1 year, whereas the part connected with this project is doing the things we are doing with Myadword but this is not the same now, it will be live soon, the reason for delay is to make a great service, Wherever you can get a complete society in one place and do not have to face troubles like other social services

  • Myadword e-mail

    launch date - 2018 - 04/1

    This is an email provider service, where you will now receive free email and business email, yet only the business email service was operated.

  • Search engine

    launch date 2018 - 02/01

    We are working on this project since June. This project has now become successful and is going through the trial soon for you. If you are an investor you can become our part or if you are a programmer you can become our part..

  • Software

  • website builder

    launch date- 10 - 06 2017

    Our website builder is working..

  • Web hosting

    launch date- 20 - 04 2017

    Previously we used to provide web hosting, but only for our web services customer but after 20/04/2017 all types of servers are available

  • domain name

    launch date- 10- 02 2018

    Domain search, booking, will be available

  • E-learning

    Now started

    We used to provide e-learning for some of our projects, but the e-learning service expanded after 29/09/2017, my project and course could also be read out of Myadword .


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